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October 10, 2009

Corporate Meet’09 in Bangalore

Hello all,

I’m very  Happy to announce that there is a CORPORATE MEET with Bro. Mohan C Lazarus

Corporate meet with Bro.Mohan C Lazarus in Bangalore

Corporate meet with Bro.Mohan C Lazarus in Bangalore

Recession – r u worried?
Pink Slip – Constant Nightmare?
Loans & commitments – Too heavy?
Unknown future?
Feeling Insecured?

Recession -are you worried?

Pink Slip – Constant Nightmare?

Loans  &  commitments – Too heavy?

Unknown future?

Feeling Insecured? – Come meet here…

Place: Baldwins Boys High school, #14, 7th Stage, Hosur Road, Richmond Town, Bangalore

Date: 1st Nov’09

Time: 4pm – 7 pm

Any queries regarding this event can be sent to tamilchristianblog@gmail.com

Directions to the place,


April 24, 2009

Support Orissa – Jesus Redeems

Dear all,

Everone know what is happening in Orissa.  I believe many of you are praying for Orissa. The things are not really normal, so here is a recent visit to Orissa area by 4 people team(includes Mohan C Lazarus Uncle) from Jesus Redeems Ministries, Lord is so mindful of each of our needs. Here is the video which explains about Lord how he is leading people. Please visit this video to pray for Orissa people with Mohan C Lazarus Uncle.

Posted to TCM Tube on October 07, 2008

Here is couple of opportunities God has given us to support them.


The aim of this Project is to cater those who are suffering for want of food.

As per this plan each of 680 families that are took shelter in 4 Relief Camps would be provided with groceries worth Rs. 1,000/- in each month.
According to this Project we are going to help for –
  • Rebuilding the damaged Church buildings;
  • Repairing the smashed-up houses;
  • Making for an earning to some people; and
  • Providing Tailoring Machines and thus paving a way for earning to 6 Tailors who lost their livelihood in the bloody communal unrest.
We have also prayerfully planned to get repaired one Church and 23 houses that were damaged at ‘PISARAMA’ village. The cost for repairing one house will be Rs. 50,000/-
For this, 23 people who can give Rs. 50,000/- each are needed.
The aim of this Project is to build 52 small houses as a colony for those 52 widows whose husbands were brutally butchered to death by Hindu fanatics for refusing to forsake their dear LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ!
The building cost of one such small house will be Rs. 50,000/-. You can build one such house for one of the widow sister on behalf of yourself!
If you are inspired by the LORD to help these Orissa Projects, may make Demand Draft or Cheque to the amount by name ‘JESUS REDEEMS’ or ‘NEW LIFE SOCIETY’ and send the same by specifically mention the name of the Project to which you make the offering. In the cover specify clearly ‘FOR ORISSA PROJECT’. For these donations you can get the tax exemption as per 80-G of Income Tax Rule.
To know more about these Projects, please contact
Dr. R. Anburajan  – 91 9965356777
Bro. J. Selvakumar – 91 9942235305
To know more about these projects you can also visit their website New Life Society.
If you want to read in Tamil Visit Here

January 29, 2008

Jesus Redeems – Reviews

My dear Brothers and sisters,
I came to know about Mohan C. Lazarus annan in my college days. He was my most inspiring person in my college days. From their web-site,


Though Christianity triumphantly landed in India via one of the South Indian Ports on 69 AD, the advent of salvational joy practically ventured into the hearts of the Tamil speaking South Indians only when the selfless missionaries maneuvered in this southern tip from the middle of the 18th Century AD.

In this situation, our LORD had a very specific purpose to have the genesis of our Jesus Redeems Ministry as a small Prayer Group in a very interior small hamlet – Nalumavadi on 2nd October 1978 while our Nation celebrated the 109th Birth Anniversary of the Father of our Nation – Mahatma Gandhi, who, as was percept widely, redeemed our Nation from the wretched bondage of the alien rule. Now our Jesus Redeems Ministry guides the people those who are under the miserable servitude of sin, in the path where their glorious redemption by the precious blood of Calvary awaits.

Following are the List of Ministries through which the Gospel has been propagated among the gentiles:

  1. Gospel Ministry

  2. Television Ministry

  3. Magazine Ministry

  4. Youth Ministry

  5. Children Ministry

  6. Prayer Ministry

  7. Publication of Books

  8. Letter Ministry

  9. Missionary Ministry

  10. Medical Ministry

  11. Tracts Ministry

  12. Women’s Ministry

  13. Video & Audio Ministry

  14. Prayer Camps

  15. Soul Winning Training Camps

They also have great vision for Tamil Nadu. The project is called “Blessed TN 2010

“The God loves our Tamil Nadu very much. That is why He allowed His disciple Apostle Thomas to shed his blood in this Tamil land. As a result our God has raised numerous workers, missionaries and prayer warriors from Tamil Nadu for the blessing of entire India. While we go forth in our prayers, our God did astonishing blest changes in Tamil Nadu.

Before the year 2010, Tamil Nadu is going to be the blessed State in India. We are going to see conspicuous changes in Spiritual, social and economic environs. If these changes have to come, the LORD God commanded to ‘cover the Nation with prayers’.

By obeying the LORD’s voice, two times we made ‘Blessed Prayer Journey’ throughout Tamil Nadu to bless it and prayed for the purpose. Not only that, to pray daily, exclusively for the blessings of Tamil Nadu, we raised hundreds of prayer warriors elsewhere.

I am also joining hands with those prayer warriors. As a result, I can explicitly see blessed changes. The Churches are swelling up; the congregations are filling with spiritual enthusiasm; and our government has formulated many laws to eradicate social evils.

Many blessed plans that bring goodness to the people of our State are coming out daily. The rain of blessings poured much more than that of any time before. Tamil Nadu has been protected from the devastating harmness due to the attacks by terrorists and natural calamity.

In this situation, the Satan, who knows that he has only very limited time at hand, furiously works against the Nation. Obscenity, lewdness, murders, molestations, disputes, accidents, suicides, etc. are increasing in the country.

To nullify these evil designs of the Adversary, the LORD emphasizes only one thing repeatedly; i.e., “Intensify Prayers”. Through prayer, only all these cunning designs and deeds of the Deceiver can be emptied completely. Therefore, dear children of God, step up your prayers! Pray for the Nation! Plead by standing at the gap! If you need prayer points, inform us; we will send you the necessary prayer points.

Thus says the LORD, “Constitute the Army of God in every district!’

Of course, you may minister as a group; you may act with a definite vision pertaining to your district! In that case, you can contact us: we will be very eager to help you in your prayer and ministerial activities. You are the God-elect Joshuas to purify your areas!

Let us pray together! Let us arise and act! Let us see the revival!

Tamil Christian Blog requests all Tamil Christian Blog readers to pray for this wonderful ministry. Especially the project Blessed Tamil Nadu 2010 should have big impact on this world. This web-site also has many more stuff which you can browse on. Please browse their web-site Jesus Redeems. You can find some of the “Jesus redeems videos” here.

Tamil Christian Blog remembers Jesus Redeems Ministry in their every day Prayers.


May 23, 2007

Poorana Azhagullavar by Jesus redeems

“Sorry for the inconvenience…Removed video citing reasons of copyright violation – Site Owner”

Lyrics in English(Lyrics in Tamil will be updated soon, anyone wants to volunteer can do so.. :)),

Poorana Azhagullavarae En Yesuvae Poorana Azagullavarae(2)

Saronin Rojavae Leeli pushpamae Padhinayiram perilum sirandha nesarae

Potruven vananguven thudhi paadi maghilven

Pavamadhai pokka vandha deva aatu kuttiyae

Parisutha ratham yeendha jeevadhipadhiyae -(2)

maruthondri poongotha kichili pazhamae

oruvarai maa perum kaariyam seibhavarae

Potruven vananguven thudhi paadi maghilven

Manukula Irul neekum needhiyin suriyanae

oruvarum seraadha oliyil iruppavarae – (2)

ega chakradhipadhi vidivelli natchathiramae

alba omegavum adhiyum andhamumae

Potruven vananguven thudhi paadi maghilven

azhaginai ilandhae andhakedadaindheerae

mulmudi soodiyae aingayam etravarae – (2)

en paavam pokka ummai pol akka

un jeevan thandhir neesanai enakkai

Potruven vananguven thudhi paadi maghilven

…  Poorana…(goto beginning)

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