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January 26, 2009

The Trichy Team – Sharing His Love

It is so wonderful to see more and more websites are coming up for the glory of the Lord and how God is using His mighty warriors in this field. I praise my Lord my savior.

I used to pray to the Lord, Rise up people in this field to serve my Saviour whole heartedly.  I can see my prayers are getting answered. I’m so glad that my Jesus is alive.

Here i’m with one more web-site The Trichy Team(http://www.thetrichyteam.com)

Excerpt from their web-site,

“The Trichy Team contains youngsters from different areas of life, but with one and only vision of ‘sharing His love’. This team is a mixture of students from different colleges and different denominations but ONE purpose…”

It is so wonderful to see how God is uniting all the church youngsters to-gether and stand for the Lord.  I wish that in all the youngsters come to-gether in the Name of Jesus and glorify His name.

In this web-site i had seen about Gospel T-shirts, if you would like to buy one you can visit here.. http://www.thetrichyteam.com/gospel-stuff.html 

Visit the Gospel T-Shirts,


Gospel T-Shirts

Gospel T-Shirts

They do have fellowships in few places if you are not part of any fellowships and want to join one you can contact them by the following numbers,

  •  Trichy: Mike: +91 9894409006 
  •  Tanjore: Stalin: +91 9894392109
  • Ariyaloor: Thomas: +91 9865143436 

I found couple more Tamil Christian web-sites probably i will come up with more details on other web-sites.


January 17, 2009

Christian Songs Lyrics

Hello friends i have found some cool web-site while searching for Lyrics for rare Tamil Christian songs.  I think this will be useful for everyone.


Few Songs from that site


So if you want to know the Lyrics and want to watch the video alongside this site will be useful for you. 

Dont watch alone… Sing together. 🙂

December 26, 2008

Tamil Christian FMs

 Tamil Christian Radio channels in a website. If you are looking to listen Tamil Christian Songs and Skits online? If you want to visit the site, Click Here 

Tamil Christian FM

Tamil Christian FM

Nesipaya.com review

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Praise The Lord.

It is so wonderful to see a web-site Nesipaya.com. Not only in the words even the website looks pretty and I thank God that God rising up the people from all the ways of life, from Music directors to web ministry, everywhere…

This was my prayer in recent days why cant God rise up some Great music Directors who just listens His voice and give music to the world and things like that. God heard my prayers, and replying back something like this.

Nesipaya.com released their new Album that is Nesipaya 3 released by Music Director Harris Jayaraj, Here is a link to the video about the release,   Watch Video.








Bro. Vijay Ebinezer, we will keep praying for you to do more. Tamil Christian Blog Pray that God bless you more for your commitment. We wish you for your walk with the Lord. 

Brothers and Sisters Keep Praying for more such talents in these last days to share Gospel to our Nation.

January 29, 2008

Jesus Redeems – Reviews

My dear Brothers and sisters,
I came to know about Mohan C. Lazarus annan in my college days. He was my most inspiring person in my college days. From their web-site,


Though Christianity triumphantly landed in India via one of the South Indian Ports on 69 AD, the advent of salvational joy practically ventured into the hearts of the Tamil speaking South Indians only when the selfless missionaries maneuvered in this southern tip from the middle of the 18th Century AD.

In this situation, our LORD had a very specific purpose to have the genesis of our Jesus Redeems Ministry as a small Prayer Group in a very interior small hamlet – Nalumavadi on 2nd October 1978 while our Nation celebrated the 109th Birth Anniversary of the Father of our Nation – Mahatma Gandhi, who, as was percept widely, redeemed our Nation from the wretched bondage of the alien rule. Now our Jesus Redeems Ministry guides the people those who are under the miserable servitude of sin, in the path where their glorious redemption by the precious blood of Calvary awaits.

Following are the List of Ministries through which the Gospel has been propagated among the gentiles:

  1. Gospel Ministry

  2. Television Ministry

  3. Magazine Ministry

  4. Youth Ministry

  5. Children Ministry

  6. Prayer Ministry

  7. Publication of Books

  8. Letter Ministry

  9. Missionary Ministry

  10. Medical Ministry

  11. Tracts Ministry

  12. Women’s Ministry

  13. Video & Audio Ministry

  14. Prayer Camps

  15. Soul Winning Training Camps

They also have great vision for Tamil Nadu. The project is called “Blessed TN 2010

“The God loves our Tamil Nadu very much. That is why He allowed His disciple Apostle Thomas to shed his blood in this Tamil land. As a result our God has raised numerous workers, missionaries and prayer warriors from Tamil Nadu for the blessing of entire India. While we go forth in our prayers, our God did astonishing blest changes in Tamil Nadu.

Before the year 2010, Tamil Nadu is going to be the blessed State in India. We are going to see conspicuous changes in Spiritual, social and economic environs. If these changes have to come, the LORD God commanded to ‘cover the Nation with prayers’.

By obeying the LORD’s voice, two times we made ‘Blessed Prayer Journey’ throughout Tamil Nadu to bless it and prayed for the purpose. Not only that, to pray daily, exclusively for the blessings of Tamil Nadu, we raised hundreds of prayer warriors elsewhere.

I am also joining hands with those prayer warriors. As a result, I can explicitly see blessed changes. The Churches are swelling up; the congregations are filling with spiritual enthusiasm; and our government has formulated many laws to eradicate social evils.

Many blessed plans that bring goodness to the people of our State are coming out daily. The rain of blessings poured much more than that of any time before. Tamil Nadu has been protected from the devastating harmness due to the attacks by terrorists and natural calamity.

In this situation, the Satan, who knows that he has only very limited time at hand, furiously works against the Nation. Obscenity, lewdness, murders, molestations, disputes, accidents, suicides, etc. are increasing in the country.

To nullify these evil designs of the Adversary, the LORD emphasizes only one thing repeatedly; i.e., “Intensify Prayers”. Through prayer, only all these cunning designs and deeds of the Deceiver can be emptied completely. Therefore, dear children of God, step up your prayers! Pray for the Nation! Plead by standing at the gap! If you need prayer points, inform us; we will send you the necessary prayer points.

Thus says the LORD, “Constitute the Army of God in every district!’

Of course, you may minister as a group; you may act with a definite vision pertaining to your district! In that case, you can contact us: we will be very eager to help you in your prayer and ministerial activities. You are the God-elect Joshuas to purify your areas!

Let us pray together! Let us arise and act! Let us see the revival!

Tamil Christian Blog requests all Tamil Christian Blog readers to pray for this wonderful ministry. Especially the project Blessed Tamil Nadu 2010 should have big impact on this world. This web-site also has many more stuff which you can browse on. Please browse their web-site Jesus Redeems. You can find some of the “Jesus redeems videos” here.

Tamil Christian Blog remembers Jesus Redeems Ministry in their every day Prayers.


January 11, 2008

Got Questions Ministries – Tamil Part

This is the new web-site i found to-day while searching for “இரட்சிப்பு” in Google.

Got questions Ministries”  seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by providing Biblical, applicable, and timely answers to spiritually-related questions through an internet presence.

Till now the web-site claims,

136,508 Bible Questions Answered!

Do you have a question about God, Jesus, the Bible, or theology?

Have you ever needed help understanding a Bible verse or passage?

Are there any spiritual issues in your life for which you need advice or counsel?

I would like to point the Tamil Part of the web-site here http://www.gotquestions.org/Tamil/index.html -இந்த வலைத்தளம் வாழ்க்கை சம்பந்தமான சில கேள்விகளுக்கு விவிலியத்தின் மூலமாக பதிலளிக்கிறது. சில கேள்விகள் உங்களுக்காக…!!!

மிகவும் முக்கியமான கேள்விகள்

இயேசு கிறிஸ்து யார்?

கடவுள் உயிர் வாழ்கிறாரா? கடவுள் உயிர் ழ்கிறார் என்பதற்கு ஏதாவது ஆதாரம் உண்டா?

இயேசு கடவுளா? தான் கடவுள் என்று எப்போதாவது சொன்னாரா?

தேவனின் பண்புகள் யாவை?

வேதம் உண்மையில் தேவனுடைய வார்த்தையா?

கிறிஸ்தவம் என்றால் என்ன?

கடவுள் என்பவர் உண்மைதானா?

வாழ்க்கையின் அர்த்தமென்ன?

Currently the Tamil part of web-site says

“தற்போது நாங்கள் தமிழில் சமர்ப்பிக்கப்படும் கேள்விகளை ஏற்றுக்கொள்வதில்லை. உங்களுக்கு ஆங்கிலம் எழுத மற்றும் படிக்க தெரிந்து இருந்தால், உங்கள் கேள்விகளை இங்கே சமர்ப்பிக்கலாம்-http://www.gotquestions.org/Bible-Questions.html”



This Blog requests Got Questions Ministries to continue to accept the Questions in Tamil also. This web-site exists from 2002-2008. We request Tamil Christian Blog readers to pray for this wonderful ministry to grow more in God’s Love and give more answers to reach more people. Praise God.


Tamil Christian Blog praises God for this wonderful site and the service.

Glory to God alone.



January 10, 2008

The Way of Salvation – இரட்சிப்பின் வழி

Prayer for the New year:

My Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your wonderful year you had given to all of us(Readers & Moderators). So many people who were in the beginning of 2007 were not able to see the end of 2007.  Thank you for the new year 2008 father. Help us to walk with the Holy Spirit Father, Give us the burden to pray for the souls who does not know about you Lord, Tamil Christian Blog also entering into the new Year with lot of hopes Lord, Help us to improve the web-site and give only your words Lord. Be with us lord, help us not to interpret any of  your words Lord. Help us not to be selfish Lord. Guide us O Master, Lead Us O Master,  Protect us from the evil Spirits Master.  Be with us for the whole year O Master.

In Jesus Name we pray,


As a starting of this year we would like to introduce you new web-site http://www.thewayofsalvation.org/,

The way of Salvation in Tamil இரட்சிப்பின் வழி.

Owner: PKP (There is not much info about him)

Type: Blog

Exists from Feb’06 – till date.

Status: Very Active

There is some interesting and good articles in this Blog. Because of lack of time I’m leaving you to explore this Blog on your own. Tamil Christian Blog Prays for PKP to write more good articles and Bless him/her.

More web-site/Blog reviews on the way.  More web-sites/blogs will be reviewed in coming days. If you want your web-site to be reviews put your web-site in comments.

December 6, 2007

A Collection of Touching Stories, Poems and Articles

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Thompson David Cherian had posted a comment in Barber shop story, and i have seen his blog,  and the entries in his blog. It contains really wonderful collection of touching stories, Poems and articles all the way. I request our readers to visit his blog for the heart touching stories.

Here is the URL: http://storiesthattouch.blogspot.com

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