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April 24, 2009

Support Orissa – Jesus Redeems

Dear all,

Everone know what is happening in Orissa.  I believe many of you are praying for Orissa. The things are not really normal, so here is a recent visit to Orissa area by 4 people team(includes Mohan C Lazarus Uncle) from Jesus Redeems Ministries, Lord is so mindful of each of our needs. Here is the video which explains about Lord how he is leading people. Please visit this video to pray for Orissa people with Mohan C Lazarus Uncle.

Posted to TCM Tube on October 07, 2008

Here is couple of opportunities God has given us to support them.


The aim of this Project is to cater those who are suffering for want of food.

As per this plan each of 680 families that are took shelter in 4 Relief Camps would be provided with groceries worth Rs. 1,000/- in each month.
According to this Project we are going to help for –
  • Rebuilding the damaged Church buildings;
  • Repairing the smashed-up houses;
  • Making for an earning to some people; and
  • Providing Tailoring Machines and thus paving a way for earning to 6 Tailors who lost their livelihood in the bloody communal unrest.
We have also prayerfully planned to get repaired one Church and 23 houses that were damaged at ‘PISARAMA’ village. The cost for repairing one house will be Rs. 50,000/-
For this, 23 people who can give Rs. 50,000/- each are needed.
The aim of this Project is to build 52 small houses as a colony for those 52 widows whose husbands were brutally butchered to death by Hindu fanatics for refusing to forsake their dear LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ!
The building cost of one such small house will be Rs. 50,000/-. You can build one such house for one of the widow sister on behalf of yourself!
If you are inspired by the LORD to help these Orissa Projects, may make Demand Draft or Cheque to the amount by name ‘JESUS REDEEMS’ or ‘NEW LIFE SOCIETY’ and send the same by specifically mention the name of the Project to which you make the offering. In the cover specify clearly ‘FOR ORISSA PROJECT’. For these donations you can get the tax exemption as per 80-G of Income Tax Rule.
To know more about these Projects, please contact
Dr. R. Anburajan  – 91 9965356777
Bro. J. Selvakumar – 91 9942235305
To know more about these projects you can also visit their website New Life Society.
If you want to read in Tamil Visit Here


  1. i want to send some amount

    Comment by reena — September 29, 2009 @ 1:42 am

  2. Today was my ECOII exam which was difficult Imust clear this two subjet to get admission inTYBCOM My COMII paper is on 13/2/2010 God can only clear this obstacle I am completely tense because of this Please pray for my worst situtation

    Comment by dhevayani — February 11, 2010 @ 10:14 pm

  3. i want to send 1000 per month. pls send me the deatils oof address.

    Comment by jasmine — August 16, 2010 @ 9:35 pm

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