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January 29, 2008

Jesus Redeems – Reviews

My dear Brothers and sisters,
I came to know about Mohan C. Lazarus annan in my college days. He was my most inspiring person in my college days. From their web-site,


Though Christianity triumphantly landed in India via one of the South Indian Ports on 69 AD, the advent of salvational joy practically ventured into the hearts of the Tamil speaking South Indians only when the selfless missionaries maneuvered in this southern tip from the middle of the 18th Century AD.

In this situation, our LORD had a very specific purpose to have the genesis of our Jesus Redeems Ministry as a small Prayer Group in a very interior small hamlet – Nalumavadi on 2nd October 1978 while our Nation celebrated the 109th Birth Anniversary of the Father of our Nation – Mahatma Gandhi, who, as was percept widely, redeemed our Nation from the wretched bondage of the alien rule. Now our Jesus Redeems Ministry guides the people those who are under the miserable servitude of sin, in the path where their glorious redemption by the precious blood of Calvary awaits.

Following are the List of Ministries through which the Gospel has been propagated among the gentiles:

  1. Gospel Ministry

  2. Television Ministry

  3. Magazine Ministry

  4. Youth Ministry

  5. Children Ministry

  6. Prayer Ministry

  7. Publication of Books

  8. Letter Ministry

  9. Missionary Ministry

  10. Medical Ministry

  11. Tracts Ministry

  12. Women’s Ministry

  13. Video & Audio Ministry

  14. Prayer Camps

  15. Soul Winning Training Camps

They also have great vision for Tamil Nadu. The project is called “Blessed TN 2010

“The God loves our Tamil Nadu very much. That is why He allowed His disciple Apostle Thomas to shed his blood in this Tamil land. As a result our God has raised numerous workers, missionaries and prayer warriors from Tamil Nadu for the blessing of entire India. While we go forth in our prayers, our God did astonishing blest changes in Tamil Nadu.

Before the year 2010, Tamil Nadu is going to be the blessed State in India. We are going to see conspicuous changes in Spiritual, social and economic environs. If these changes have to come, the LORD God commanded to ‘cover the Nation with prayers’.

By obeying the LORD’s voice, two times we made ‘Blessed Prayer Journey’ throughout Tamil Nadu to bless it and prayed for the purpose. Not only that, to pray daily, exclusively for the blessings of Tamil Nadu, we raised hundreds of prayer warriors elsewhere.

I am also joining hands with those prayer warriors. As a result, I can explicitly see blessed changes. The Churches are swelling up; the congregations are filling with spiritual enthusiasm; and our government has formulated many laws to eradicate social evils.

Many blessed plans that bring goodness to the people of our State are coming out daily. The rain of blessings poured much more than that of any time before. Tamil Nadu has been protected from the devastating harmness due to the attacks by terrorists and natural calamity.

In this situation, the Satan, who knows that he has only very limited time at hand, furiously works against the Nation. Obscenity, lewdness, murders, molestations, disputes, accidents, suicides, etc. are increasing in the country.

To nullify these evil designs of the Adversary, the LORD emphasizes only one thing repeatedly; i.e., “Intensify Prayers”. Through prayer, only all these cunning designs and deeds of the Deceiver can be emptied completely. Therefore, dear children of God, step up your prayers! Pray for the Nation! Plead by standing at the gap! If you need prayer points, inform us; we will send you the necessary prayer points.

Thus says the LORD, “Constitute the Army of God in every district!’

Of course, you may minister as a group; you may act with a definite vision pertaining to your district! In that case, you can contact us: we will be very eager to help you in your prayer and ministerial activities. You are the God-elect Joshuas to purify your areas!

Let us pray together! Let us arise and act! Let us see the revival!

Tamil Christian Blog requests all Tamil Christian Blog readers to pray for this wonderful ministry. Especially the project Blessed Tamil Nadu 2010 should have big impact on this world. This web-site also has many more stuff which you can browse on. Please browse their web-site Jesus Redeems. You can find some of the “Jesus redeems videos” here.

Tamil Christian Blog remembers Jesus Redeems Ministry in their every day Prayers.




  1. Nalumavadi… a small village surrounded by Paddy Fields, Mango Groves and a resourceful Water Spring. In this village the chosen vessel of God Bro.R.Jebasingh was born to Mr.V.Moses Rajamani and Mrs. Perinbam as a beloved son on 17th April,1970.Right from his childhood, they brought him up in strict discipline and Christian virtues.

    Mother Speaks
    When Jebasingh was 3 years old one day we had gone to the stream to take bath. I placed him at the side and had been washing the cloths. When I had a look on my son shock knocked at the door of my heart. He was not there…I searched in and around the place to the extend of my eyes. Besides I run to and fro with trembling. When I gazed on the running water I could see a small hand at a distance. Yes.. that is my son’s hand! Suddenly I jumped into the water and rescued him after much hardship. He had drunk more water but by the pure grace of God he was not dead. Miraculously my son had received a new life.

    Since, he is God’s chosen vessel, the devil had an eye upon him right from his childhood. All his endeavors to destroy this chosen child ended in a failure. As Moses was taken from the water, he had also been redeemed from the great danger.

    Having attended in Church Services, Sunday School and participated in Scripture Exams and receiving prizes were his day to day events. His school life had it’s origin in T.D.T.A. Middle School, Nalumavadi and pursued his higher studies at Kamaraj Hr.Sec.School, Nalumavadi.

    Bro. Jebasingh pronounces the Name above all names and announcing the narrow escape of him from the snare that has been laid by the devil

    Unforgettable Movements
    When I was studying in 4 th standard, one unforgettable incident was happened. I have had the habit of discovering something from anyone. One day I wanted to know how the electric bulbs give light. I began testing with a bulb and a piece of wire. When I got connected the wire in the plug point I was caught by the current powerfully and more or less I went near to the death… only a few seconds were remained for me it seemed as if I had finished my race. At that movement without my conscious, I cried aloud and spelled out the name “JESUS” which of more value and greater power than that of the high voltage of electricity. An unseen hand relieved me from peril caused by the devil .My sweet savior Jesus proved His saving power in my life even during the days of my childhood.

    No matter how far he was frightened by the adversary and faced much dangerous episodes in his life, the power of the Almighty saved his life ever since he came out from the mothers womb. After completing his primary and middle school levels he pursued his higher secondary level of education at Kamaraj Higher Secondary School, Nalumavadi.

    In the sight of the world he was a very good boy but on the other side sin was being crept slowly into his life due to the advantage of his youth and it’s passions. As a result downfall and uprising happened in his life as for as spiritual life is concerned and spoiled the peace of mind.

    Oh.. failures in life, anticipations defeated by the atmosphere prevailed in the family.. captured his mind and made him to wet his pillows by tears… very sad experiences…

    Such dark clouds occupied his entire sky and he hadn’t enough strength to fly. Because until then he did not know of God’s plan of him as such “BORN TO FLY” Nevertheless on 8th August,1987 a turning point came into existence in the form of Youth Camp.

    Turning point
    It was a habitual thing that they used to conduct Youth Camps in a year at Nalumavadi. The Jesus Redeems Ministry organized a wonderful camp exclusively for the youths. On seeing my pitiable state of mind my mum told me ” son you must attend this camp “Due to her pressure, God had made me to enter into the pleasure that any human heart could hardly express. Though I remained heedless to her voice in the first place, taking a new testament in hand and had gone to the camp place. I sat in the backside and was being perplexed in mind with questions, Will I get victory over sins? My failures and disappointments have had their ends? Will my life become enriched with all resources? While I were in the question filled state of mind singing session, worship hour were brought in to a close a message on SALVATION was told by Bro. Stanly Prince and he emphasized ” Your sins are the sole cause for your depressed state “While He told this I couldn’t control my feelings and run towards a palm tree and wept bitterly for my sins and shortcomings in order to get saved. My voice had reached the ears of the living God. I begged pardon for my sins. As soon as I raised my cry for repentance, the holy blood of Jesus showered on me along with the love of Calvary and cleansed me incessantly.

    Happiest Day
    What a wonder! My past sins, bad thoughts, sinful practices had gone once for all. The power in the name of the Lord and the sacrificial blood of Jesus had made me a new man, a new creature in Christ. My heart was bubbled with Joy! Unspeakable Joy! Oh.. an immense joy filled my heart. All these things were happened within a few seconds. A total transformed life.. ! I could hardly forget that wonderful remarkable and glorious day. Yes..! How could I forget the day on which my sins were rolled down… a new pure heart was set up…with Jesus on the throne…

    With God given talent of writing lyrics, he had stepped into this new venture with a mind to write, not with the knowledge or previous experience

    As Romans 4:17 says God gave inspiration through Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus that bring forth wonderful, heart melting melodies that enhanced the quality and standard of the Jesus Redeems Ministry to certain elevation.” Unnai Athisayam Kaana Seivaen ” is one among such fabulous thing as for as his lyrics are concerned. Following this a number of super – hit songs are being released from this ministry. His creativity that God gave, took him to the capacity of writing more songs that are twinkling like stars in the Sky of Music by adding glory after glory to God. More than 110 songs were being written and composed by him hitherto. All by His Grace and for His Glory.

    He became more active in the ministry as a fulltime minister ever since he leaped into this great ministry that took place in the year 1989, March 1st.

    At the end of November 1990 he was given the responsibility of the cassette ministry .As a general truth that speaks aloud,” a minister of God should undergo untold miseries and pains,” his father had not given whole – hearted approval and permission to his son to do the ministry. From his brother’s view, he ought to enroll himself in a Bible College and then he may do God’s ministry. As for his mother’s “If it is God’s will, let it be done”

    In this juncture, when I handed over my first little honorarium at the hands of my father that has been given from the ministry his face got brightened out of glad.

    Sufferings and joy that come across in the life are treated equally and they are quite natural and applicable to everyone. When loss, distress, heart break happenings come across in our life God allowed them not to destroy us but to build us up in Christ and mould us up to the expectation of God. In short, they are the stepping stones to success and a stair to lift us up. This is his experience.

    Comforting Grace

    Bro.Jebasingh Speaks of his father’s last days…

    Oh, my entire life seemed dark and pale, when my father had been nearing death on 8th ,February 1991 he entered into glory peacefully. I burst out due to the incomparable loss of my father, because he loved me so much. “Here after, who will look after me? Is there any ray of hope for me in my life? I have no such loving person, called as father. Who is here for me to be called affectionately as daddy?

    As soon as this extreme level of agony and anguish attack my mind a sweet voice came from heaven, ” My son, from this day onwards I will be your father” Oh, what a surprise, this gentle voice had vanished all my grief. Yes, God’s word might be brief, but it could change our grief to the extent, we may not even think. After this incident, whether big or small, I used to approach His throne of grace and ask ” Daddy, I am in need of such things, provide them immediately” He heard my prayers and it continues in my life till date.

    Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?
    As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
    ( Romans 8:36-39)

    Comment by Jebasingh — April 14, 2008 @ 9:43 am

  2. Dear
    Brother & sister am Rajesh From Krishnagiri….. i well know our Brother Mohan C.Lasarus…..i came to know him in tv programe…..its very useFull to Me and my family….We pray With uncle when he praying in tv programe……the lord blessed my Studies ….& my Father’s bussines ….i am the one of the member in Tv minisries……Please Help to tv programes By giving money & pray for uncle…& his ministries……

    Comment by Rajesh — May 2, 2008 @ 4:29 pm

  3. Loving souls in christ
    Jesus redeems ministies is an important part of my life.Bro.lazarus a powerful vessel of god really reflect lord Jesus’s grace.
    since my college days i luv Brother’s ministry
    God hs blessed me with good career,loving husband,cute child n every blessing in christ

    Comment by Ms.CYRIL PRINCE — July 14, 2008 @ 4:55 pm

  4. Tamil Christian blogs -சகோ. மோகன் சி லாசரஸ் அவர்களின் செய்தி மிக அருமை. அனைத்து மக்களையும் கவரும் வண்ணம் உள்ளது. நாலுமாவடியில் நடைபெறும் வியாபாரிகளுக்கான கூடுகையில் இவர்களது ஆலோசனை மிக அருமை.

    Comment by வசீகரன் — April 4, 2009 @ 5:24 pm

  5. i like very much in brother speech

    Comment by saratha — October 5, 2009 @ 6:13 pm

  6. thank you very usefull

    Comment by a mohan raj — December 8, 2009 @ 11:26 am

  7. May god bless your ministry we all are pray for your ministry giving good words, good efforts

    Comment by Helan Mathi — December 17, 2009 @ 10:06 am

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