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November 19, 2007

Unite for Malto Music concert – Bangalore

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Hello friends,

It is very long time we could not give much attention to this blog because we had quiet a lot of professional work as well as normal work. We are back now. We promise you we’ll try to update the blog frequently in coming days. We would like to give you a great update on “Unite For Malto Music Concert” conducted at the Guru Nanak Bhavan, Bangalore on 14th of November. 

We had seen so much of press coverage on this as well.  From the Indian Express,

IT was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for this group of children from the Malto tribal community of Jharkhand.

Taking a break from their hilly abode, they sallied forth to the city to suss out how the outside world looks like.

About 14 children from the Malto community sang and danced at a cultural programme ‘Unite for Malto Music Concert’ at the Guru Nanak Bhavan on Saturday.

Organised by Professional Forum, a body of professionals working in the city, and guided by Friends Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB), the concert was planned as a thanksgiving event.

The children were all agog as it was for the first time that they travelled so far away from their pristine Rajmahal Hills to another state. During their three-day visit, they spent their time appreciating the city and its people, who have so lovingly adopted the Malto Tribal Community.

The kids were indeed excited to perform on stage – again for the first time in their lives. While the boys matched steps to a Hindi song which challenges everyone to reach out to God, the girls danced to the tunes of a song which conveyed a message that God will take care of everyone.

Coming from a region which has acute water shortage, no electricity or good roads, FMPB offered a helping hand to these tribal children, said Col Premkumar, convener of the Professional Forum.

Thanks to their support, 12 primary schools have been established across several villages in Rajmahal Hills since 2000, he added. About 1,500 children are studying in those schools, said Col Premkumar.

“But about 6,000 children still remain illiterate. It tugs at the heart-strings to see the lucky children go to school, while the rest run behind them all the way to the school and wait for their turn.” The Malto children shared their joy over the project that that has brought education to them.

As the country is celebrating ‘Children’s Day’ on Wednesday, these little kids who never knew what it was all about, celebrated their day with great zest.

The evening was made memorable by the musical choir Octet Cantabile from Chennai.”By God’s grace the concert was really amazing and great to see the choir’s performance and the Malto children’s performance was simply amazing. If you are staying in Bangalore and if you are a Christian you can always join FMPB Professional Forum, and serve the GOD by supporting educational project for Malto Children.

Site for FMPB Professional’s Forum. http://fmpbprofessionals.org/

We’ll update photos and videos on this Music Concert soon after the permission from the forum.

God does wonderful things on these kind of Concerts. We also welcome all the professionals to contact the forum to know more about it.

God Bless You.



  1. Could you give the contact email of avm Rajan?

    Comment by susan — November 26, 2007 @ 7:40 am

  2. Good to see that there are efforts to uplift the most downtrodden and diminishing
    tribe of Jharkhand in our own time. May the Lord continue to bless those who are
    behind this people group!

    Comment by R George Edward — March 7, 2009 @ 12:19 pm

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