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June 8, 2007

Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg – Remember Him !!!

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Hello friends,

Bartholomäus Ziegenbalg monument in Tranquebar, Tamil Nadu, South India

We bless you in the name of Christ. June 10th is the day when first Protestent Missionary Came to India. This is the Light of God had mercy upon us.


Ziegenbalg was born in the village of Pulsnitz in Saxony on June 10, 1682 to poor but devout Christian parents. He showed an aptitude for music at an early age. He studied at the University of Halle under the teaching of A. H. Francke, then the center of Pietistic Lutheranism.


Jesus Loves us. So he had sent his missionary Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg to India. He was a prolific writer, composing works in German, Tamil, Portuguese and Latin which include dictionaries, hymnbooks, translations both into and out of Tamil, school textbooks, catechisms, sermons, and book catalogs.


First Printing Press in India established by him. The New Testament was translated into Tamil by Ziegenbalg in 1715. This translation, with minor revisions by his successor, Johann Fabricius, is still in use today, as is the Church of the New Jerusalem, which he dedicated in 1718.


Even though he was Jailed, troubled by the people and the Kings he served God with Happiness. Jesus’s Love was with him. His wonderful Love gave Ziegenbalg the burden for India. How many of us has the burden for the people around you?


Let us realize ourself and Try to spread the word of God in some ways….

We pray for ZiegenBalg’s Soul to rest in Peace. We pray in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.





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  1. good information

    please send more details on this
    but please in hindi language


    Comment by ishwar — December 11, 2008 @ 6:40 am

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